Delray Tire & Retreading is a family owned and operated business with locations in Fresno, Hanford, Tulare, Stockton & Atwater

Delray Tire and Retreading of Fresno has been inspecting, repairing and retreading tires for our customers for 23 years and counting. Ralph Mastriano and Lou DelGrande opened the business over two decades ago, and now the Mastriano family is running the business. Ralph Mastriano knew that for his company to grow, good employees were needed, so he recruited his three children and son-in-law.

Delray Tire operates a state of the art Bandag Retread manufacturing plant in Fresno. The company’s Fresno plant is the only independently owned ISO 9001:2008 Certified Retread plant in the western United States.

Our plant uses the latest BASYS Retread Tire Management System, which allows us to track all of our customer’s tires throughout the retread process, as well as collect data to answer questions about your fleet. Delray Tire also offers the latest technology to customers, including the BFA Fleet Analyzer, which allows us the ability to survey your fleet and provide instant analysis of a customer’s needs.

Today, Ralph Mastriano serves as CEO of the company. His wife, Mary, works as the office manager and son Matt is in charge of marketing. Daughter Erin Mastriano handles finances and Tena Lewis is in charge of payables and receivables. The next generation of the Mastriano family, Ralph's children, purchased the business in 2013 and continue to take on a more prominent role.

Since tires are an important factor for a vehicle, Delray Tire can be trusted with our customers’ tires. Our company focuses on the needs of the customers. Our team will ask you about what you want; Do you want to put it on your trailer, do you want it for long hauls, do you run it out of dairies? Whatever application, we really want to look at our customer’s needs and find out what the best tire is for their individual needs.

Not only does the Mastriano family have a successful business, they are also involved extensively with the community. Erin Mastriano has been a board member of Fresno State’s Institute for Family Business since 2011. Delray Tire has also been a member of The Fresno State Bulldog Foundation since 1999, has established a scholarship fund to award four $1500 scholarships. Proud to support Law Enforcement agencies, they also sponsor the Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association's Memorial Golf Tournament each year, which supports the families of fallen officers.

What started as a small business now has almost 80 employees with locations in Fresno, Tulare, Hanford, Stockton and Delray Tire has recently acquired Atwater Tire Service in Atwater.

The expansion into the Atwater market fills a void in Delray Tire's service coverage area, fortifying our position in the commercial tire market. This allows us to provide full service capabilities from north of Bakersfield to beyond Lodi.

The addition of Atwater provides Delray Tire customers with five convenient locations and a total of 18 service trucks that provide 24-hour emergency road service 365 days a year. The Mastriano family helped build the company to be what it is today, and plans to keep the family deeply involved with the business for many years to come.