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General commercial vehicle tires provide the performance and reliability you need. Whether your operation is highway, regional, urban or on/off-road, you can trust General to deliver commercial truck tires that excel in mileage, handling & durability.

Large radial grooves for resistance to groove cracking while the wide solid shoulder provides lateral scrub resistance. Patented innovative groove technology leads to minimum stone retention, extending casing life. Enhanced bead package and sidewall designed for durability provides high retreadability. Tread compound balances reliable high mileage on highway with the durability needed for more severe conditions.


New tread design provides proven fuel economy and performance in a demanding application. Patented groove technology leads to minimum stone retention and extended casing life. Scruff ribs protect sidewall from curbing and cutting. Tread compound reduces cost by optimizing fuel consumption. 


5 rib tread pattern, wider ribs and more tread volume promote even wear and high removal mileage. Advanced pyramid shaped stone ejection system prevents stone retention. Low rolling resistance tread compound delivers high level of fuel efficiency. Enhanced bead to belt package increases casing durability for maximum retreadability.


Closed shoulder tread design with very high void percentage delivers exceptional traction while providing proven removal mileage. Proven tread block geometry promotes stiffness in the footprint, leading to high mileage while reducing heat for low rolling resistance. Groove bottom ejection system reduces stone retention and casing penetration leading to higher retreadability. Tread compound reduces cost by optimizing fuel consumption. 

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