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Continued process innovation allows Hankook to develop quality products. Hankook Tire's cutting edge technology and global R&D network are ushering in a better tomorrow.

Superior performance for local and regional applications focused on resistance to high scrub situations where endurance, durability, and high mileage are vital to intense driving conditions. Solid wide ribs provide gratifying ride control while the improved kerf design displaces water for outstanding road grip in adverse weather conditions. An enhanced sidewall fights against damaging abrasions and cuts to extend casing durability and tire life cycle performance.


Optimized design for long haul driving conditions provides longer mileage. Innovative pattern design offers better steering and handling. New technology adapted in the casing and tread compound realizes enhanced durability and ultra fuel efficiency.



Developed for exceptional grip and control while maximizing casing life cycle mileage. Improved and deeper tread block design allows outstanding performance in rain, mud, and snow conditions.


Large blocks with 3D-kerf ensure traction capabilities in all weather conditions and improves overall mileage. New tread compound enhances dispersion and fuel efficiency.

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